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[ K-POP ] BTS -Special Album [花樣年華 Young Forever] (RANDOM ver.)
Item No. 211604

[ K-POP ] BTS -Special Album [花樣年華 Young Forever] (RANDOM ver.)

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$ 17.93
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Brand K-POP

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BTS -Special Album [花樣年華 Young Forever] (RANDOM ver.)

  • Artist : BTS
  • Constitution : 2CD + Photobook 112p + Random Polaroid Photocard 1p + Poster 1 (On Pack)
  • The Release Date : 20160503

  •   [ K-POP ] BTS -Special Album [花樣年華 Young Forever] (RANDOM ver.)

     Bangtan Boys (BTS) will release a special album 'The most beautiful moment in life, Young Forever' on 2nd May.

    'The most beautiful moment in life, Young Forever' is a final album of 'The most beautiful moment in life' series

    that the part 1 and part 2 were greatly loved by public last year. Through this album and 3 pieces of music video,

    BTS delivers the final story of the youth that was implied in 'The most beautiful moment in life' series.

    This special album 'The most beautiful moment in life, Young forever' will be released on 2nd May,

    and the concert '2016 BTS LIVE <The most beautiful moment in life on stage : epilogue>' will be held at 5pm on 7th May

    and 4pm on 8th in Olympic Park Stadium.


    *  Specification:

     l  2CD 161*242(mm), Photobook 112p (Image of two ver. are different)

     l  Polaroid Photocard member 7 types, Group 1 type (Random 1p among the 8pcs)

     l  1 Poster of NIGHT version

     [ K-POP ] BTS -Special Album [花樣年華 Young Forever] (RANDOM ver.)



    [ K-POP ] BTS -Special Album [花樣年華 Young Forever] (RANDOM ver.)


    방탄소년단이 5월 2일 스페셜 앨범 ‘화양연화 Young Forever’를 발매한다.
    ‘화양연화 Young Forever’는 지난 해 큰 사랑을 받았던 ‘화양연화 pt.1’과 ‘화양연화 pt.2’ 등 청춘 2부작의 대장정을 마무리하는 스페셜 앨범이다.
    방탄소년단은 이번 앨범과 총 3편의 뮤직비디오를 통해 그동안 ‘화양연화’ 시리즈를 통해 말하고자 했던 청춘의 마지막 이야기를 담아낸다.
    방탄소년단은 5월 2일 스페셜 앨범 ‘화양연화 Young Forever’를 발표하고 5월 7일 오후 5시, 8일 오후 4시 올림픽공원 체조경기장에서 ‘2016 BTS LIVE < 화양연화 on stage : epilogue >’를 개최한다.


    ※ 사양 

    * 161*242, 내지- 112p (DAY, NIGHT 2종 각 각 내지사진 다름), CD 2장

    * 폴라로이드 포토카드 개인 7종, 단체 1종 중 랜덤 1종

    * NIGHT버전 포스터 1종




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    • ㆍAvailability of poster and other items is subject to change, depending on the circumstances.

    Product Name

    [ K-POP ] BTS -Special Album [花樣年華 Young Forever] (RANDOM ver.)


    K-pop > CD > CD




    Item condition

    BTS -Special Album [花樣年華 Young Forever] (RANDOM ver.)


    bts,bangtan,boys,idol,k,pop,k pop,k-pop,kpop,group

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    1 Great Album! Beth, Bonilla 
    2017-02-20 1
    2 love it K, Dav 
    2017-02-16 5
    3 GOOD! NiK, Jay 
    2017-02-16 2
    4 Amazing!!! Jill, Doles 
    2017-02-16 2
    5 great! Jessica, N 
    2017-02-15 3
    6 It's so cool. I Love it Chan, Chan 
    2017-02-14 2
    7 So cool ;D Jacqueline, Singh 
    2017-02-12 4
    8 WOW Micah, Mendoza 
    2017-02-08 5
    9 رائع zahra, muridi 
    2017-02-05 10
    10 alright Ting, Liu 
    2017-02-02 14
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